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RSVP - Telephone Sales Person, Call Centre, Crossharbour, London

Wed, 10/31/2012 - 14:40
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100% flexible for acting work/auditions. Friendly crowd. Work is very boring though.
Call Centre
Crossharbour, London
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What do you like about working for this employer?: 
It is totally focused on actors. The messaging system sends out casting calls you can apply for. There are no weird call centre people there, it's all just actors. Very friendly. like-minded people. Time off for acting work or auditions is no problem whatsoever. Lots of different shift options, so you can work around auditions and still earn a full week's pay.
Features and benefits: 
Even if you find out about an audition that day, you can leave work to go to it. If you were a good worker, they would take you back after you'd left to do a six month tour with a play. Very flexible. Free tea and coffee. Occasional spot prizes for sales.
What don't you like about working for this employer?: 
The pay is not amazing, but mostly it's that the work is amazingly dull. Very repetitive. Relentless auto-dialling phones for an 8 hour shift, with just a half hour lunch break.
What would you change about this employer?: 
Longer lunch breaks, a better base rate pay, the option to change up which campaign you're working on to inject a little variety.
What would you tell someone who is considering joining this employer?: 
If you are looking for flexibility, this place will provide it. I would recommend doing a vocal warm-up before work. I lost my voice my second week there! Use this place as motivation to find acting work. Don't just rot in there waiting for your agent to call, or you'll go crazy.

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